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Proactive release of official information policy

26 Jun 2020, Health Quality & Safety Commission

The proactive release of official information policy describes how the Commission will meet the spirit and the letter of the Official Information Act 1982 and comply with initiatives to increase the availability of official information.

Webinar recording: Doing things differently

20 Apr 2021, Perinatal & Maternal Mortality Review Committee

Recording of the webinar 'Doing things differently' held by the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee on 23 February 2021, to present data from its 14th annual report.

Who's in the room? session 1

12 Mar 2021, Building Leadership & Capability

Recordings of the presentations from session 1 of the Commission's virtual quality improvement scientific symposium sessions.

Trauma programme project plan: Major trauma rehabilitation

17 Dec 2020, National Trauma Network

This project plan explains key aspects of the trauma rehabilitation project, such as the aim, rationale, objectives, scope and approach. It outlines the associated resources and timeframe estimates and the key deliverables.