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Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand website

6 Sep 2012, Medication Safety

The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand is a membership organisation which provides support and services to community pharmacy owners. Follow the link below to view their website.

Health Navigator

4 Sep 2012, Partners in Care

Health Navigator is a charitable trust. Their purpose is to add value to the health sector and improve the quality of information, self-help resources, education, coordination, communication and health care.

Health consumer website

4 Sep 2012, Partners in Care aims to provide useful and accurate consumer health information for New Zealanders. It is written and reviewed by medical writers, consumer health organisations and health professionals.

The Checklist Effect

3 Sep 2012, Safe Surgery NZ

Since the release of the Checklist in June 2008, thousands of hospitals have started using the Checklist in their operating theatres.

Worldwide Modifications

3 Sep 2012, Safe Surgery NZ

The WHO's checklist is not intended to be comprehensive, and additions and modifications to fit local practice are encouraged.

NPSA Maternity Checklist

3 Sep 2012, Safe Surgery NZ

The development of this checklist has been undertaken as a collaborative project between the NPSA and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

NPSA Cataract Checklist

3 Sep 2012, Safe Surgery NZ

This guidance should be used in conjunction with the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist Supporting Information document.

Health Consumer Registry Form

31 Aug 2012, Partners in Care

Download this form to sign on to the Health Consumer Register and get involved in the Commission's work.