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Health & Disability Commissioner: Health Passport

29 Aug 2012, Partners in Care

A Health Passport is a booklet that people can carry with them when attending hospitals or other health and disability service providers. It contains information that tells health professionals the best ways to communicate with, and support, the holder.

Poster how to wear a seatbelt when youre pregnant
Protect your Unborn Baby Poster

23 Aug 2012, Perinatal & Maternal Mortality Review Committee

An A2 poster showing pregnant women how to position a seatbelt to protect their unborn baby. - water safety

23 Aug 2012, Child & Youth Mortality Review Committee

Kidshealth is a child and youth health information website to support parents and health professionals. The site contains information on water safety.

Feedback on the 'Partners in Care' Framework

2 Aug 2012, Partners in Care

This document contains the reponses to the Commission's request for comments and suggestions about where we are best able to add value in the areas of health literacy, consumer participation and leadership capability for providers and consumers.

Quality Accounts Guidance Manual 2012

18 Jul 2012, Health Quality & Safety Commission

The Quality Accounts Guidance Manual is best practice advisory guidance for providers of health and disability services within New Zealand to make use of during the production and publication of their Quality Account.

Partnering to Heal

12 Jul 2012, Infection Prevention & Control

A computer-based, video-simulation training program on infection control practices from the United States.