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Enhancing accessibility: how to begin

‘What people with disabilities can do is that we can help you do things a bit differently but in the end a bit more quickly.’ Mary Schnackenberg

In this interview, consumer and disability advocate Mary Schnackenberg discusses:

  • Why including diverse people is essential when starting your accessibility journey.
  • How disabled people can help you do things more efficiently.
  • What to you should consider when starting your accessibility journey.
  • Thinking about your audience who are you are trying to talk to.
  • The problem with paper and why it’s inaccessible.

Mary Schnackenberg has represented and advocated for the disability community, particularly blind/vision impaired people, in many roles. Mary Schnackenberg is also a member of the Te Tāhū Hauora Health Quality and Safety Commission's consumer advisory group and consumer network.

Last updated: 23rd May, 2023