This system of symbols is intended to enable all staff in contact with patients to easily see what assistance they need to mobilise safely. It is designed to support staff in focussing on the patient’s particular needs and to involve them in how to keep safe when moving about in the ward or unit.

District health boards (DHBs) in the Central region trialled the signalling system for safe mobilising as an April Falls 2013 project. The trial tested the usefulness of the system and refinements to the resources used in the April Falls 2013 project were made based on user feedback. This poster reports on the trial.

The Commission has finalised modifications to the resources with suppliers (thanks the Hawke’s Bay DHB’s procurement team for their assistance).

How to order the resources from the suppliers:

  • You can order just the resources you wish to use in your situation.
  • The signalling resources are made by different specialist producers and you may need to place orders with several suppliers.
  • All the information you need is in the signalling system orders page. We have supplied order forms as Excel templates, which you can download and complete and email directly to the relevant supplier/s.
  • For all enquiries about orders, please contact the suppliers directly – contact details for each are given in the signalling system orders page and on the order forms.

Downloadable resources

Last updated 16/05/2018