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5 Jul 2017 | Reducing Harm from Falls

In April 2017, as part of our April Falls 2017 activities, the Commission, with support from Essential HelpCare, brought Associate Professor Anne-Marie Hill back to New Zealand for a series of workshops focused on reducing falls in hospitals and other care settings.

Associate Professor Anne-Marie Hill covered various topics including:

  • evidence-based outcomes in hospital falls prevention programmes
  • engaging patients in falls prevention
  • individualised approaches to patient education
  • overview of falls prevention research in Western Australia (WA).

The seminars were fully booked out and we know that not everyone that wanted to attend could. Therefore, we’re delighted to be able to provide the following recordings of Anne-Marie’s two presentations.

These are not intended to be ‘quick-watches’. They are both approximately 40 minutes long and are intended to be for use as education support. They can be watched as standalone learning resources or could be incorporated into more in-depth in-house falls prevention training modules. The messages they convey are applicable across all care settings. They provide information about Anne-Marie’s highly successful work in:

  • bringing patients, their families, whanau and carers onto the falls prevention team; and
  • communicating with patients, their families, whanau and carers about falls prevention in the manner that works best for them and will have the most success in preventing the patient from falling or taking risks that might lead to falling.

Click here to read an interview with Dr Hill.

Videos from the Wellington seminar:

Reducing Falls In Hospitals – Let’s Work As A Team

Anne Marie Hill clear cutPatient Communication – Involving Patients In Preventing Falls

Assoc Prof Anne-Marie Hill (PhD) is a full-time research academic in the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science at Curtin University. She is an Australian Physiotherapy Association-titled gerontological physiotherapist, and holds educational qualifications. She has combined her experience to focus on falls prevention for older people by leading falls prevention projects in community, residential care and post-hospital populations.

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