COVID-19 and communicating with patients and whānau

Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai.

By many, by thousands, the work will be accomplished. Unity is strength.

Disclaimer: This part of our website is designed for health clinicians only. If you are a health consumer/patient, please note the language we use here is intended for clinicians and not for the general public, therefore it may contain technical and health-related terms you are not familiar with.


The aim of this web content is to support you with a toolkit to help you navigate care planning and decision-making in an empathetic and person-centric way in the current changing environment. As people working in health care, we recognise these are unprecedented times. 

The resources on these pages are designed to help you have conversations about what matters most to your patients and their whānau. They are easily accessed, clear and consistent, and are based on sound principles, evidence and experience.

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