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Te Pū rauemi KOWHEORI-19 COVID-19 resource hub

Support for people working in health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find information about how you can support yourselves and others, including consumers, teams and colleagues which complements and aligns with Ministry of Health resources.

Kia āta kōwhiri Choosing Wisely

The Choosing Wisely campaign seeks to reduce harm from unnecessary and low-value tests and treatment.

Topic 1

Q1: All of the above
Q2: $47,000
Q3: 12.9 percent
Q4: Right 4

Topic 2

Q1: True
Q2: All of the above

Topic 3

Q1: True
Q2: Some effective falls prevention programmes have not used these tools

Topic 4

Q1: In all of the above settings
Q2: 50 percent
Q3: A consistent approach to care planning and individualised interventions

Topic 5

Q1: May have been aware that staff had asked them to request help, but felt that asking for help was bothering staff
Q2: True
Q3: Adjusted to the height that will be safe for the individual
Q4: One-third of injurious falls and 45 percent of all falls

Topic 6

Q1: 14 percent
Q2: All answers apply
Q3: All answers apply
Q4: Documentation is in place should the person need further treatment or support later, AND the possibility of a delayed diagnosis when injuries are not immediately apparent or are revealed by later investigation
Q5: Regulatory environment

Topic 7

Q1: Given trends in increasing longevity and comorbidities, rates of fragility fracture will increase
Q2: Seek support, preserve perspective, and increase independence
Q3: All of the above
Q4: Is important because people who had a fracture after the age of 50 may not have received assessment and intervention for osteoporosis
Q5: Mrs Jones, who has been in a walking group for the last 40 years and whose weight is normal

Topic 8

Q1: Increased
Q2: True
Q3: C, D and E
Q4: Ensure that night sedation is prescribed and persuade Mr Smith that it is safe and wise to take it

Topic 9

Q1: High challenge balance training and 3+ hours per week of intervention
Q2: Extending the base of support while standing
Q3: Discuss the recommendations in this factsheet with him, and suggest participation in a Tai Chi or group exercise class
Q4: Regularly attend a falls prevention exercise class at the local community centre
Q5: Around 30 minutes a day on three days each week for six months, and continue the exercises

Topic 10

Q2: A straightforward concept that needs only be measured by condition-specific indicators and overall mortality
Q3: Set an ambitious transformational goal so there is room to move if the goal proves unattainable

Published: 16 Feb 2022 Modified: 16 Feb 2022