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Te Ao Māori Framework

The Health Quality & Safety Commission has developed a Te Ao Māori Framework in partnership with Māori health providers, Whānau Ora providers and participating district health boards across Aotearoa New Zealand. The initial framework concept is shown below, followed by a brief description.

The aim of the framework is to improve the quality of care afforded to whānau Māori across Aotearoa New Zealand and advance the uptake and implementation of te ao Māori and mātauranga Māori concepts into general health system design and health practice for all. 

There are two downloadable PDFs at the bottom of this page, which include the basic framework concept plus a backgrounder on how and why it was developed. 

We are currently developing resources to support providers with implementation of the framework and will publish them here in due course.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our partner providers who gave their information freely in the hope that much-needed change could happen and be sustained over time.

Te Ao Māori Framework concepts


The holistic nature of Māori health, which links physical illness to emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Hence wairuatanga is in the middle position of the framework, which makes culture a central focus in the design of services. The goal of wairuatanga is to embed tikanga Māori and cultural safety into the health system.


The growing and fostering of strong partnerships with Māori, which is fundamental to ensuring the right concepts are included in the design and delivery of services.


Whānau need and improving health outcomes for whānau are the drivers to why services are created and designed. 


The inclusion of Māori leadership in decision-making processes when services are designed.

Te Ao Māori Framework design

Each of the outer sections have two koru representing tapu and noa. The haehae lines bind each section together and connect and interact with each other.

The inside koru of each concept opens into wairuatanga, which allows wairuatanga to flow seamlessly throughout the entire framework. 

The outside koru opens into te ao Mārama. The pītau design on the edge of the outer sections represents new beginnings and is the interconnection between te ao Māori and te ao Mārama.

Last updated: 1st July, 2022