Korihi te manu
Tākiri mai i te ata
Ka ao, ka ao, ka awatea
Tihei mauri ora!

Te Rōpū Māori provides advice to the Board and chief executive of the Health Quality & Safety Commission on strategic issues, priorities and frameworks from a Māori world view. Te Roopū advises and promotes collaboration with the Commission’s clinical programmes and campaigns. Membership consists of up to six Māori health sector experts who are recognised for their skills and knowledge by their peers.

Te Rōpū Māori assists the Commission to broaden their network of clinical and expert advisors to collaborate with. Members work with the Commission’s clinical leads and other expert advisors, to identify key quality and safety issues for Māori consumers and their whānau.

Te Rōpū Māori meets four times a year and sits in joint sessions with the Commission Board. Most recently, Te Rōpū Māori produced the Commission’s Te Whai Oranga (“Māori advancement framework”) to support and shape the Commission’s strategic direction to ensure best possible Māori outcomes for health.

Last updated 20/05/2021