Let's PLAN for better care resources

5 Jan 2016 | Partners in Care

Let’s PLAN for better care is a health literacy initiative to help consumers prepare well for their visit to the GP or other primary care health professional. 

The A4 flyer, with an accompanying promotional poster, encourages people to plan ahead for practice visits and to ask questions when there so they fully understand their diagnosis and treatment. It also suggests questions they can ask pharmacy staff when they pick up their medicine.

These are available in the following formats:

  • Interactive printable form can be completed at the bottom of this page.

  • Softcopy PDFs can be downloaded in five languages (English, Chinese, Māori, Hindi and Samoan) – see the bottom of this page for PDFs of the translated flyer.

  • Hardcopies of the Let’s PLAN A4 pads and posters: please email communications@hqsc.govt.nz stating the numbers you would like and where you would like them delivered.


Read the associated media release here.


Last updated 03/12/2021