Welcome to the new iteration of the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s health system quality dashboard.

In this new version, we have:

  • brought a range of measures together in one place
  • increased the dimensions of information available
  • clarified how to interpret the data
  • made it easier and quicker to find the data you need 
  • changed how we show equity by creating equity tabs for each domain
  • in partnership with Te Tumu Whakarae, developed a new specific Māori Health Equity Report, using distinct data
  • created a tab of quality priorities at national level. This will help users generate actionable insights with our newest product, ‘Quality Alerts’, once available
  • a new clean front page allows easy access to each of these via a specific tile.

As a quality improvement organisation, we have undertaken a redesign of the dashboard based on plan‒do‒study‒act methodology and are looking to improve continuously.

Please email any questions, comments or suggestions to

Understanding the health system quality dashboard

Health system quality dashboard

If you are unable to see the dashboard below, please check that pop-ups and scripts are enabled in your browser. If you are still unable to see the dashboard, please go directly to the Tableau website. Note that this link will not work using Internet Explorer. Please use a different website browser like Chrome. 

How to use the dashboard

Download a copy of the accessible transcript (51KB, docx)

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  • Acknowledgements

    Thank you to everyone who is working towards better and more equitable health outcomes for New Zealanders.

    Specifically, we would like to thank all those who helped to develop this dashboard:

    • District health board (DHB):
      • chief executives
      • quality and risk managers
      • Te Tumu Whakarae (Pillars of Māori Health Leadership in DHBs)
    • The Health Quality & Safety Commission’s:
      • Te Rōpū Māori advisory group
      • board
      • consumer advisory group
      • clinical leads group
      • patient experience survey governance group
      • equity action group.
    • Bridget Robson, director of Te Rōpū Rangahau Hauora a Eru Pōmare at the University of Otago, Wellington.

Last updated 01/09/2021