Welcome to the Commission’s dashboard of health system quality

We've introduced the 'dartboard' format to bring a range of measures together in one place, which are currently published on our website. This format allows us to put many different measures on the same scale and allows click-through to measures for the local system presented in time series and statistical process control format. Watch our animation to get an introduction to the dashboard and the data it presents.

We continue not to populate the equity segment of the dashboard. The Commission is working to find ways of representing data about equity in ways that are accurate, acceptable and culturally appropriate. As well as reviewing the data we have used and developing better visualisation of it, the Commission is progressing a number of ways to improve our capacity, capability and governance in the collection and analysis of Māori data and the development of any reports based on this.

How to use the dashboard

Our 'Dos and don'ts' document (55kb, PDF) outlines the dos and don'ts when reading the dashboard.

Dashboard of health system quality

If you are unable to see the dashboard below, please check that pop-ups and scripts are enabled in your browser. If you are still unable to see the dashboard, please go directly to the Tableau website.

Additional links and information

We’re keen to hear what you think about this presentation of data so please send us your feedback.

Each domain is complex and the links below provide a starting point for further investigation into the context for the dashboard indicators.

Timely access
  • Indicators to be added incrementally.


Last updated 06/08/2020